Domestic Scrap

Whenever you are clearing out your house or doing some home improvements B Shakespeare and Co Ltd are here to assist you in disposing of unwanted scrap metal from gym equipment to radiators and washing machines, in the most environmentally friendly manner. Our position as one of the country's leading independent scrap metal dealers and recycling merchants places us in a strong position to provide you with the most appropriate scrap metal recycling solution to meet your individual requirements.

Each load we receive is weighed on our certified 60 tonne weighbridge with the appropriate documentation, we pay you the current market value for your scrap metal and payment is made by cheque or alternatively we do have a cheque cashing service on site (appropriate ID must be provided and charges apply).

End of Life Vehicles

When your car is nearing or has reached the end of its life, the scrap metal dealers at B Shakespeare and Co Ltd will buy scrap metal from your car. We will arrange for the vehicle to be disposed of and pay you its current scrap metal value!

Provided you have all the relevant vehicle registration documents including proof of ownership (log book) we will dully weigh your vehicle and pay you the current scrap metal value for the vehicle. You must then inform the DVLA that the vehicle has been scrapped.

At this stage the de-pollution treatment is then arranged through an authorised treatment facility whereby the car is stripped down and any harmful materials dealt with by the treatment facility.

So if you have scrap metal, including ferrous metals to sell in the West Midlands, or if you would like to buy scrap metal then contact your reliable scrap metal dealers here at B Shakespeare and Co Ltd.

ID Required

If you do bring scrap metal to us we will need to see your photo ID driving licence or if you have not got a photo ID driving licence we will need a passport with a current utiliy bill with your current address on.

Cheque Cashing Service

We have an independent company on site to offer you a cheque cashing service should you wish to have access to your cash straight away or you have no bank account at which to present your cheque.

All you need is a current utility bill such as a water bill or gas bill, and a form of ID with your signature on such as a bank card or driving licence.  A small commission is charged when cashing a cheque.